It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our JK College of Business Administration and Computer Application to unravel your dreams of becoming a global business leader. Our 18 years of excellence in the education sector, traditionally in the corporate budiness, for excellence, shall prepare you to achieve the pinnacle of success and join the league of global professionals.

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Curriculum for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration - 3 Year Course)

Part I


Course No.

Papers and Course Titles


BBA 101

Management Perspectives


BBA 102

Managerial Skill Development


BBA 103

Business Statistics


BBA 104

Fundamentals of Accounting


BBA 105

Introductions to Computers


BBA 106

Managerial Economics


BBA 107

Business Ethics


BBA 108

a) Seminar Presentation (Success Stones)

b) Report on Industrial Visit. (Local and Outside J a K)

Part II


Course No.

Papers and Course Titles


BBA 201

Application of Computers in Modern Business


BBA 202

Business Maths


BBA 203

Marketing Management


BBA 204

Human Resource Management


BBA 205

Research Methodology (Internal Examination)


BBA 206

Financial Management


BBA 207

Organisational Behaviour


BBA 208

Seminar/ Project Presentation (J & K Culture)
Visit to Cultural / Historical monument of the J & K State to prepare a report (Local and Outside J & K)

Part III


Course No.

Papers and Course Titles


BBA 301

Cost and Management Accounting


BBA 302

Business Legislation


BBA 303



BBA 304

Consumer Behaviour and Market Research


BBA 305

Marketing of Services


BBA 306

Summer Project Report
a) Seminar Presentation
b) Report Evaluation


BBA 307

Organisational Behaviour


BBA 308

Seminar Presentation (Indian Ethos and Culture)
Report on Industrial Visit

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